”It's a new world it's a new start – I’ve been waiting for you”


FI*Meridies Blossomfall

Turkish Angora ♀

Tortoise bicolor (TUA f 03)

dob. 11.10.2017

Weight: 3,2kg

Felv/Fiv: Neg. 
HCM: Healthy
Bloodgroup: A

Liekillä on yksi pentue kissalassamme:

Liekki came to us as quite a bit of a whim - actually, my mother’s whim - though I fell in love with Liekki in an instant, because her nature is so lovely and unique in cats. Liekki is a really brave and social individual, but she can’t be still for a second, and is always doing something. She is always in motion, and curiously examines places. I have been surprised a number of times by Liekki’s social skills, as she dodges out of the way for cats whom are not enthusiastic about the meeting, but she pushes gently against the dogs, which are slightly nervous about this habit. These encounters have not always turned out smoothly, but they don’t seem to have any effect on her. Confidence is one of her advantages, and small fights and creeps do not seem to affect her for long.

Liekki is definitely the most courageous and curious of my cats, or any cat I’ve ever seen. Although not that cuddly of a cat, she enjoys staying on my shoulder from time to time. She won’t stay for long, because in a minute she wants to move around again. She’s our family's quicksilver.


"There came a girl from France, who didn't know how to dance"


Kuva (c) Anne Vaikko

Royal Rascal du Mythe de Séléné

Turkish Angora ♀

Silver ticked tortie (TUA fs 22)


Weight: ?

Pluiella on yksi pentue kissalassamme:

Pluie is my first cat from another land. She is frienly, energic and loves to be at someones shoulders. She are not cat friendly though and get stressed from smels of strange cats and dogs. She starts hissing and even bites people at those times. 
She loves to eat and is faster than a lightning. I thank G'eraldine for this little lovely rascal!