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"Hakuna matata! Ain't no passing craze"


Norwegian forest cat ♂

Light ambertabby (NFO at 22)

dob. 22.7.2020

Weight: 3,7kg (29.4.2021)


HCM: ultrasounded healthy (30.5.2022)
Kidneys: ultrasounded healthy (30.5.2022)

Felv/Fiv: neg/neg (6.8.2021)

Bloodgroup: A

Knees: normaalit
Hips: right normal, left grade 1 (B/A)
PkDef: N/N

Last clean... 
Fungus sample: 18.11.2021
Stool sample 18.11.2021

CH PL*Forest Eyes Giya

Erkillä on yksi pentue kissalassamme: 

Erkki is a very brave, social and lively boy, little hiccups do not slow down the journey at all. He can be quite a wild beast when he plays, but he willingly settles into a lap on his own terms and purrs at gestures of affection. However, the boy enjoys himself best next to him. Gets along well with other cats. Thank you Dorota for this wonderfulness! 

Erkki lives in a foster home in Järvenpää with Aarne and is only available for Kissala's own cats, and cannot be borrowed. 



CH Katzengarten Neko Neropatti Lustig

Nekolla on yksi pentue InukChuck's kissalassa 

Norjalainenmetsäkissa ♂

Sinihopeatabby bicolor (NFO as 03 22)

sp. 27.12.2020

Paino: 4,9kg (13.05.2022)


HCM: ultrattu terveeksi (24.1.2022)
Munuaiset: ultrattu terveeksi (24.1.2022)

Felv/Fiv: neg/neg (24.1.2022)

Veriryhmä: A 

Polvet: normaalit
Lonkat: normaalit
PkDef: N/N

Viimeisin puhdas... 
Sienitesti: -
Ulostenäyte: 24.1.2022 

Neko, the first colt boy bought from another breeder in Finland, is jointly owned with Anniina Paavilainen (InukChuck's). Thanks to Hanna for the trust!

Neko is an adventurous tomboy who also likes to sleep on your lap and next to you. He takes his visits to his grandmother's leisurely and enjoys life as his brother's friend. It's a bit stressful at shows, and the same in the village without a brother, but he allows himself to be handled beautifully despite that and took the dog's existence surprisingly easy. 

Neko lives in a foster home in Espoo as his brother's friend and can possibly be loaned to a beautiful girl. 



"It's meant to be, it will be"

Norwegian Forest Cat ♂

Brown tabby on white (NFO n 09 22)

sp. 28/05/2021

Weight: 4.5 kg (12.12.2021)


HCM: cleared by ultrasound (June 7, 2022)
Kidneys: healthy ultrasound (7/6/2022)

Felv/Fiv: neg/neg (4 October 2021)

Blood type: A

Knees: normal
Hips: normal
PkDef: N/N

Latest clean... 
Fungus test: 4 October 2021
Stool sample: 6 October 2021

IC GR*Elvenstar's Zorbas


Zorbaksella on yksi pentue kissalassamme: 

Social and affectionate Zorbas is a lively little prankster. The little one that came to us from Greece is jointly owned with Anniina Paavilainen (Inukchuck's cattery). Zorbas likes to be cuddled and riotous, the guy is sometimes washed and sometimes wrestled. Energetic and playful collie boy. 

Zorbas lives in an investment home in Hyvinkää and is possibly loanable to a beautiful girl. 



"My Lovey Lovey Dovey little teddy bear"

Norwegian Forest Cat ♂

Red on white (NFO d 09)

sp. 01.08.2021


HCM: cleared by ultrasound (29 August 2022)
Kidneys: healthy ultrasound (29.8.2022)

Blood type: A

PkDef: N/A

Latest clean... 
Fungus test: 18.1.2022
Stool sample: 3 July 2022

IT*Amber Angels Golden

Imported from Italy, Kaamos is social and caring for people, an active participant! He doesn't startle dogs, strange cats or vacuum cleaners. Kaamos is a gentle and persistent boy who is (unfortunately) not hindered by hissing and grunting at all when he is looking for a playmate or practicing his manly skills. 
Thanks to Sonia for this trust!


"Man's gotta do what a man gotta do"


Norwegian Forest Cat ♂

Black smoke on white (NFO ns 09)

sp. 27/09/2019

Weight: 4.93kg (30.05.2022)


HCM: healthy ultrasound (30.05.2022)
Kidneys: healthy ultrasound (30.5.2022)

Felv/Fiv: neg/neg (1/8/2022)

Blood type: A

Knees: normal
Hips: Both hips Grade 1 (i.e. B/B)
PkDef: N/N

Latest clean... 
Fungus test: 29/11/2021
Stool sample: 29 November 2021

Nestor av Friheten

The collie boy from Germany ended up jointly owned by me and Anniina Paavilainen (InukChuck's). Aarne is a gentleman and a charming cat. Aarne doesn't get upset for nothing and very patiently and long-suffering watches his colleague's tinkering before he feels it necessary to intervene in the course of things. He is an affectionate and playful boy, and great company. Aarne is a tomboy who gets along well with other cats, and is a bit shy on his own. However, the crunches are memorable and come to my lap several times a day. Getting used to harnessing has also started, although the master is not so terribly warm to the idea yet. 

Aarne lives in an investment home in Järvenpää with Erki. 

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