"And we will show the world how much more we can become"


Sirius was the mother of two litters in our cattery

Norwegian forest cat ♀

Creme bicolor (NFO e 03)


dob. 16.12.2016

Weight: 4,5kg



HCM:  Ultrasounded healty

Felv/Fiv: neg.

Blood group: A

FI*InukChuck's Vanemuise

Sirius is from the first cat litter that was born in my house, and I have been in close contact with the family she moved to. It was wonderful how they wanted to continue what I had started, speaking of the socialization and encouragement of kittens. In the beginning, Sirius was the most tender of the litter, but in the end she turned out to be the most courageous. When I saw how they traveled with her, I just fell in love with Sirius and as I fell in love with her, there was a blooming thought of how it would be nice to get kittens from her to this world. The same thought had occurred to the family she lived in, so we started our project.

Sirius is an active, participating cat, who is happy to join in everything that’s happening. Sirius has made a Nordic 3000km trip to Lofotes, wandered in national parks, volunteered in a nursing home, and participated in youth work in Vantaa. At home, Sirius lives with a cat friend, Sushi, but gets along with other pets too - earlier she had also lived with two bunnies. It takes her a day or two to get used to dogs, but cats are usually a little trickier, and she tends to get nervous around them. Sirius is selective, but not picky, of her diet. She is an easy-to-treat, and gentle cat to every person.


"There came a girl from France, who didn't know how to dance"


Royal Rascal du Mythe de Seléné

Turkish Angora ♀

Silver turtle ticked (TUA fs 25)

sp. 22/04/2020

Weight:  2.3kg (10/12/2020)

Felv/Fiv: Neg./Neg. (10/12/2020)

Blood type: A

Latest clean... 
Fungus test: 28 July 2020
Stool sample: 30 October 2020

Plui has two litters in our cattery:

Pluie is my first imported cat, the current state of the world made the import difficult, but we managed to find a puppy in just the right slot. After the quarantine, he was able to join the others when we got clean test results.

Pluie is very brave, but not cat-social at all - Pluie doesn't appreciate strange cats and is easily stressed by strange smells. Temperament is also found and very much so! This girl does express her opinion clearly.
Pluie is the most sociable little lady, she loves to be on shoulders and laps, play and be petted. The very energetic and social package is the most wonderful addition to our kitty and the most adorable lady. Many thanks to Géraldine for her <3

Pluie lives in an investment home in Nurmijärvi.